MOT’s & Prepwork

To keep our over heads to a minimum we outsource our MOT testing, working closely with a local Authorised Testing Facility.

Do I need an MOT certificate?

The law states that every vehicle needs to have a valid MOT if not the insurance would be void.

Am I notified when my MOT is due?

Unlike road tax where you receive a reminder, the mot test is your responsibility.

Not sure if your MOT due?

Check on the DVLA website: click here

My MOT has expired, what should I do?

It is illegal to drive your car on the road without an MOT. It is however, legal to drive your car to a pre-booked MOT test. So, if your MOT has expired, call us TODAY and drive it straight to us.

How soon can I book an MOT?

You can book your MOT upto 30 days before it expires. This means if you’re selling your car, and take your MOT a month early, you’ll have 13months MOT – A great selling point!

Can you collect my car?

Yes. If you are unable to drive to us, we are insured to collect and deliver your car. Contact us for a quote.

What should I bring to an MOT?

You will need to bring your existing MOT certificate, but if this is not available, please bring your logbook (V5C).

What happens if it fails?

If the vehicle fails its MOT, it does not meet legal requirements and must be repaired to comply with MOT Test standards. You will receive a ‘notification of failure’ from the test centre. The notes on this report will identify the problem areas.
A vehicle should not be driven if it has a failed MOT; the only place it can legally be driven is the journey from the MOT test centre to a garage where the work is being completed.


You should be aware that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of your car – you should have your car serviced regularly to maintain its mechanical condition.

The leaflets ‘Your car and the MOT’ and ‘Your motorbike and the MOT’include a list of the parts of your vehicle that will be tested.